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Business Start Ups and Advisory

Starting a business, although daunting is exciting! Many entrepreneurs come up with fantastic inventions, potentially spotting a gap in the market.

However, the way a business starts can have a significant impact on its future size, shape and longevity. From the start it is important to have a business strategy in place as in the early stages of a new business, success depends on a number of aspects such as funding, strategic planning and business structure.

Many start-ups are less certain where to begin and being able to test ideas with an impartial advisor helps to understand their personality, the circumstances and reason for starting a business. To have a business plan and financial forecasts is vital as the costs of starting up can often be underestimated.

Charles William and his team provide practical advice in a constructive and realistic manner, whilst also lending an empathetic and understanding sounding board. They assess the viability of the idea ensuring the potential business is well informed and has the tools to progress in whatever direction they choose.

This will be done by considering and discussing:
- how the business will be funded now and the future – whether with savings, re-mortgaging, redundancy money, an     inheritance or if they have an investor
- what the most appropriate structure is for the business, advising on all areas of business planning and understanding     business legal structures
- how to protect any relevant forms of intellectual property, ie trademarks, patents and design rights, advising the    client to draw up terms of business to protect from any potential disputes
- setting realistic budgets and forecasts, planning for growth and organising the business in the most tax efficient way
- sourcing finance when the right time to expand
- eventual exit strategies.

At Charles William they want the start-up to succeed as they recognise that the business’ success will in part mean their success and so leading to developing a robust and sustainable client. An important aspect is being able to freely access Charles William and his team to discuss business ideas which is necessary in the path to success.

Traditionally, accountants charge on a time basis, which could mean discussing ideas with the accountant an expensive affair. However, the support offered is very valuable with free meetings to discuss business ideas, subject to their availability.

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