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Every business understands the need for accurate data entry. It is important to have financial transactions recorded to keep track of money coming in and going out, have records of assets owned and debts owed to or by the business. If not and a close eye is not kept on money in, money out, and things like debt, a business owner will soon lose sight of how viable and profitable their business is. Bank reconciliations are needed for comparisons of record of transactions against those of the bank entries which should match up and help to find and fix data entry mistakes or missed transactions. Also bank reconciliations are helpful for detecting incorrect payments or fraud.

It is a legal requirement for companies to keep “complete and accurate” financial and accounting records; failure to do so can lead to fines and disqualification as a company director. For an average small business financial paperwork can take up valuable time which could be productively spent elsewhere.

Charles William and his team can assist a business by providing essential bookkeeping and accurate and regular financial reports. These can be checked at regular intervals to make sure the business is performing, with the year-end versions showing how much income tax needs to be paid. Unexpected surprises can be avoided while the business continues to run smoothly.

The provision of such up-to-date financial information about a business gives a regular health check like ‘taking the pulse’ of a business. Most reports go to business owners and managers to help them make decisions. However, with Charles William the role of bookkeeping can be extended into actual involvement in strategy development.

A valuable tool in this process is that Charles William is a Gold Partner with ‘Xero’ and the team are certified Xero advisers. Having this valued partnership is something to be proud of; as well as being a robust and accessible double-entry bookkeeping system, Xero brings together businesses and their accountants in a collaborative environment connecting up bank feeds and third-party applications that can open the door to a wide range of finance processes and opportunities.

Services Included:
- comprehensive management information reports, with key KPI’s & graphical displays of performance, tailored to help   you understand your business
- providing essential bookkeeping reports, including aged customer debtor and supplier owing reports
- accurate and regular financial reports such as balance sheets
- profit and loss accounts with comparison
- cash flow forecasting
- narrative to aid your understanding.

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